The brand Adonis Candles

to be consumed with love

From the quality of the raw materials to the delicacy of the precious chords, from the selection of the wax to the choice of the wick, Adonis Candles Paris scented candles testify to an exclusive and authentic know-how. Captivating and mysterious, each creation is the expression of a real luxury craft. Sexy chic candles that will bring the voluptuousness of fragrances into the heart of your most precious places. More than a sensual candle, Adonis Candles Paris is a hymn to femininity.

The legend of Adonis

fruit of the myrrh tree

Born of the incestuous relationship between a king of the eastern Mediterranean and his daughter, Adonis was saved by Aphrodite, who, by the beauty of this newborn, hid it in a chest that she entrusted to Persephone. The queen of the underworld fell under her spell. Adonis became a very handsome young man and when Aphrodite returned to the Underworld to claim it, she was confronted with Persephone’s refusal to let him go. Zeus intervened and decided that Adonis would spend the first four months with Persephone, the next four with Aphrodite, and the last four with whatever he wanted. The young man respected the divine judgment and decided to spend his free time with the goddess of love.

The founders

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